We develop, produce and market water and air processing units, in particular filtration techniques and disinfection units using UV-C light. As pioneers in these areas, we are happy to develop a custom solution for you. Get in touch with us

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UV-C disinfection units

Reliable UV-C drinking water disinfection

Drinking water and its quality: With Aqua UVtron we have developed a UV disinfection unit which ensures chemical-free disinfection without changing the quality of the original water. More on this product category
Filtration and membrane technology

Filtration of tiny particles

Filtration is a process for separating or cleaning substances, usually a suspension or aerosol, and is a mechanical separation process which relies purely on physical phenomena. More on this product category
On and Inline quality measurement / remote monitoring

When quality is demanded

Online and inline multi-parameter drinking water quality measuring systems for communal and private water supplies and industry improve quality assurance. More on this product category
Unit engineering for water treatment

We are your solution partner

Aqua Innovation GmbH has many years of experience in the water treatment industry. Whether stationary or mobile applications, we offer different solutions. More on this product category
Well chambers / drinking water reservoirs

Drinking water – the source of life

Only 0.6% of the world's water counts as groundwater. Only within professionally set-up, sealed systems does it reach us as high-quality, untouched drinking water. More on this product category
Unit construction for air disinfection

For germ-free air

The ATP (Air Tank Protection) filter treats the air using a particle filter, HEPA13 sterile filter and downstream UV-C disinfection tank which is then fed into the storage tank using overpressure. More on this product category