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Spring and drinking water catchment / storage

From far below to
high above – the
best water quality.

From source catchment to drinking water storage

Only 0.6% of the world's water counts as groundwater. Spring water is groundwater which emerges from the ground with fantastic characteristics and the advantage that it is usually germ-free and contains minerals. Only within professionally set-up, sealed systems does it reach us as high-quality, untouched drinking water. The place of withdrawal or spring tap is the heart of the system. This is a testing point upstream from the reservoir. This is the place where the cloudiness of the water is measured in accordance with SAK-254, and other particles are checked, which may collect in the water and affect the water quality.


In Europe, there is a strict, fundamental regulation concerning drinking water which is supposed to ensure high-quality, safe water. Due to purely economic reasons, many smaller water suppliers are unable to examine every aspect of the available spring water nor to filter out every single foreign particle. This is where our system is deployed, before the water is collected, passed through pressure pipes to the turbines and finally into the water reservoirs. In doing so, the constantly changing legal regulations must be observed and the needs of our customers simultaneously taken into account. We deliver systems for supplying water which optimally collect the available drinking water from the source and treat it using a well chamber with a sand filter or stainless steel pressure chamber, delivering it in a hygienically perfect condition to the reservoir.


Integrated solutions from one source

In the stainless steel reservoir, it is intended to store the drinking water safely and free of germs until the water reaches the consumer. Aqua Innovation GmbH brings many years of experience in supplying water in Alpine areas, as well as integrated solutions for spring tapping, well chambers and reservoirs. Our team is happy to give advice on which type of well chamber might be suitable for you.


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