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Measurements using remote monitoring

Being safe is a good
feeling – always well informed and
alarmed promptly in the event
of an emergency.

High Safety

For quality checks of all kinds on bodies of water or drinking water, it's about improving the current water quality, minimising negative health effects to humans and optimising drinking water treatment. Ensuring drinking water quality is therefore about optimising analytical monitoring of the water Quality.


Today's measuring devices are intelligent, reliable and compatible with each other. They feature a whole repertoire of diagnostic functions which run automatically, inform and alarm the moment deviations from optimal conditions occur. A variety of parameters measured by probes and sensors are delivered essentially for free with high precision.


Live Monitoring

The success and safety of water treatment applications depend on the performance of a complete checking and monitoring system. Remote management systems work with automatic synchronisation of the settings as well as regular, direct retrieval of characteristic and nominal data via an app or alarm function via SMS or e-mail. Thanks to live monitoring, it is much faster to react or intervene, which also contributes to minimising downtime.


Furthermore, everything is recorded and registered and the validity of the results guaranteed using a calibrated reference measuring device.


Using a UV-C sensor, the following sources of error can be evaluated, for example:

  • Decreasing radiant power of a UV ray, or its failure
  • Formation of deposits on the quartz jacketed pipe or a reduction in water quality
  • Contamination of the sensor surface or a sensor error.


When safety is particularly important

Drinking water is a foodstuff and is therefore subject to laws concerning food. A legally prescribed quality assurance system for self-monitoring guarantees a high quality standard.


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