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Process water treatment for the food and drink industry

The highest quality
demands require high safety.

Quality is no coincidence

Process water is water which is not drinking water, but is used for technical systems and processes in factories, heat and power stations and other facilities. Process water undergoes extensive treatment such as softening or desalination. Water is used when manufacturing almost every product.

Drinking water, which enters the product directly during production, often has to undergo additional treatment in order to guarantee optimal quality, purity, preservability and storage, as well as a consistent appearance. We provide integrated solutions for process water in almost all industries.


We are your competent partner

Many industries consume vast quantities of process water. Aqua Innovation GmbH is happy to help in suggesting solutions for planned water processing units. We recommend our units to minimise deposits, corrosion, frequent desalination or high chemical consumption, as well as to avoid impurities.